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Flexible calculation base per product

The software is structured hierarchically. At the top we find the definition of the product (transportation/service). All underlying elements such as pricing, carrier shares, kilometer graduation, surcharges, core zone radius, ... are defined as a function of the product. Thus, depending on the chosen product (e.g. bicycle, cargo bike or van) of an order the corespondent options can be defined and result in a specific total price. This structure is consistently implemented - from order taking to the point of carrier shares, invoicing or the online price calculator.

The combination of zone-based or distance-based components, flat components and surcharges allows the fine-grained realization of various different pricing models. Due to the central anchoring of this hierarchical structure in the system subsequent price adjustments or corrections can be managed easily. Nevertheless, in order to remain flexible, all parameters can be customized individually for each order (if required).