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Routing and route optimization

Routing options are well known from online map services. LoBo provides the same functionality. Additionally, the calculation of the distance-based price components are either based on the linear or actual distances depending on the routing option for bicycles or cars.

But what's about route optimization? Let's assume a job has 7 stops. What is the optimal order of these stops to keep the distance traveled as short as possible? Sounds trivial, but it is not: already in this example there are 360 different route alternatives. Assuming 10 stops results in approximately 180,000 and 15 stops in more than 40 billion route alternatives! So which route is the shortest of them? To solve the "Traveling Sales Man" problem the software implements a genetic optimization algorithm. Thus, beside the routing functionality, there is also a route optimization available in LoBo - a feature, that is yet missing in all major online map services (Google maps, Bing, ...) but provides vast potential savings.